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Summary — I run a SaaS company called Beatrix, previously started and sold two other software companies, and have written a book about marketing.


I'm an entrepreneur based in Singapore. I'm 34, enjoy travel, cooking, diving and playing/composing music. I've been writing software for about 15 years.

I've started a few software companies, had two successful acquisitions, and failed a bunch of times along the way. I've consulted / advised at some of the world's biggest internet companies, including Cookpad and Renren, respectively Japan's biggest recipe portal and China's biggest social network.


Currently I'm based in Singapore although I spend most of my time traveling regionally. I am CEO/Founder of Beatrix, a software-as-a-service product. It's a refreshingly simple content creation tool for social media. If you manage social media for a business and have ever thought "I don't know what to post..." give Beatrix a try :)

Previously in Singapore in 2013 I started Pitchpigeon, a press release distribution software for tech companies. It was bootstrapped, profitable and later acquired in 2014.

I give talks at both SMU and INSEAD in Singapore, each semester for their entrepreneurship course students.


Before Singapore, I lived in Japan for 10 years.

I spent my early years in Japan at digital ad agencies such as Dentsu.

In 2007 I started a popular recipe portal called Open Source Food that went on to be featured by TIME magazine and was later acquired.

After selling my company I joined one of Japan's largest luxury online retailers Glamour Sales as CTO, building the e-commerce and marketing automation infrastructure that supports millions of dollars in annual transactions.

I speak fluent Japanese.


I was born and studied in the UK. I have a degree in Accounting & Finance. I'm half Brit and half Chinese.


You can find me on various social platforms:

  • Twitter - interesting links and smartass commentary
  • Instagram - mostly food and travel pictures
  • Linkedin - for business contacts!
  • Facebook - for friends!
  • Github - a few open source projects


Selfie in 2014 - this is where I like to spend most of my time these days!

Nuyou Magazine December 2013

Wall Street Journal Street Fashion December 2013

Local Singapore Coffee January 2013

Harpers Bazaar Singapore February 2012

Cameo in a Japanese Mens Mag July 2011