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Updated July 2016 Added more roles that I'm hiring for!

TLDR: Join my Digital Product team at the Aviva Digital Garage Singapore. We have an awesome office and a bunch of interesting, challenging work, in an industry ripe for disruption (insurance). I'm hiring product managers and designers, contact details at the bottom of this post.

By now some of you will know that I've made a huge shift in life / career goals which I summarised in a Facebook post here.

Above: our office at 38 Armenian Street

Aviva is a 300-year old multinational insurance company. We employ around 30,000 people across different specialities and insurance / financial products.

I've taken on a new role as Head of Digital Product & Design for Aviva and I'm always on the lookout for new members of our team.

What does my team do? Broadly, I see the role of the Digital Garage as thus:

In less than 20 years, the world will look very different. We will see widespread automation, markets optimizing themselves to become hyper-efficient, old business models fading away and new business models creating tremendous value for key industry players. To use a popular term, we will see the "Uberfication" of many more industries. This is a double-edged sword. Uberfication is fantastic for the disruptor, but not so great for the disruptees.

My team's purpose is to ensure that we are the disruptor!

What does that mean as a member of the Digital Product team? It means you could be working on anything from a top to bottom website redesign, a rollout of a mobile app to transform an entire market, taking a market-tested MVP and developing it into a full product, or even developing your own MVPs, in agile sprints with other team members.

We are lucky to have a beautiful space to work in - a heritage building on Armenian street renovated with state of the art technology. The ground floor is our pantry and casual discussion area. Levels 2 and 3 are open plan office space where the Product team, Innovation team and engineering teams sit. Level 4 is our event space where we host internal and external events. Lets go for a quick tour...

Above: Our ground floor pantry. Grab a coffee or snack from here!

Above: Ayuni at the front desk will be there to greet you if you ever come for a visit

Above: Our office is open-plan and friendly

Above: We can write on the walls! You don't see that at your typical insurance company :)

Above: If you need an escape from all the open plan-ness we have these solo booths dotted around

Above: Our 4th floor event space - it's huge! We'd love for you to organize / participate in design-related events here

Above: Armenian Street is just a short walk to Raffles City, Funan Center, Peninsula Plaza and SMU - all of which have decent lunch options. We are also just round the corner from a local wine bar!

Have we tempted you yet with our broad, disruptive challenge and awesome work environment?

If the answer is yes, I am currently hiring for three four roles, multiple seats.

Digital Product Manager

The Product Manager sits in the middle of technology, design and business. At a high level, you define what digital products to create, develop the plan to create it, and refine the product using data, user and business feedback. You need to understand what's valuable to the business and the user, how design / UX can turn a good product into a great product - and balance all of that with what's technically achievable given a finite amount of resources and time. This is straightforward and highly enjoyable on small, focused products - but on large products with many dependencies and stakeholders, the role becomes very challenging and multi-layered. But also deeply satisfying, given the gravity of making large, transformational changes in huge industry such as insurance. Given the attributes of business, UX and tech knowledge, good product managers should be passionate about (at least) one of these things and knowledgeable about all three.

UI / UX Designer

The UI / UX Designer is responsible for how our products “feel”. Any design problem has many different possible solutions. The UI / UX Designer must find the optimum solution, ensuring that when a customer interacts with one of our digital products, the experience flows logically from one step to the next. The role is part researcher and part designer, since often the optimum solution can only be found by understanding, interacting with and testing directly with end users and customers. Broadly, the purpose of the UI / UX Designer is to make our products feel great, so that customers are delighted when they use them.

Creative Designer

The Creative Designer is responsible for how our digital products look. The Creative Designer will work closely with the UI / UX Designer, Product Managers and other stakeholders in translating wireframes and prototypes into production-ready designs for new websites and mobile apps. The Creative Designer ensures that the Aviva brand is visually represented in the best way across all digital products.

Front End Developer

The Front End Developer is responsible for translating the Creative and UI/UX work into working HTML/JS prototypes that we can click on and interact with. We work in an agile environment using tools such as JIRA for workflow, git for version control and Rails as the base for prototyping. The Front End Developer thinks like a designer and can work collaboratively with Creative and UI/UX, but also understands the technical possibilities (or limitations) of designing for the web, across multiple devices.

But also...

I'm also generally interested in meeting people with digital product experience, especially on mobile and especially those who have experience navigating large organizations. I have multiple spaces to fill on my team and I'd like to meet anyone who can help us get stuff done! Also open to hearing from internship applicants looking for a placement.


If you are interested in joining the team, please send your CV to:

Please use the subject line "hello via yongfook.com" in your email so I can find emails easily in my inbox!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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